Kids Disco Dance Party

Kids Disco Dance Party

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Hey kids - get your dancing shoes on because you won't want to miss this one! We'll party the (early) evening away with food, drinks, glow sticks, and hit the outdoor dance floor with an amazing kid-approved DJ set!

Hosted by Katy von Treskow & Molly Messenger

Friday November 12th from 5-8pm
Location: Outdoors at the home of Katy Von Treskow



  • Adele Salierno
  • Brendan King
  • Carrie Bullock
  • Christine Ouano-Dodd
  • Courtney Croll
  • Christian Cebrian
  • Cristina Valdez Sellers
  • Jennifer Larson Hall
  • Kattya Breitenbach
  • Lara Lagerquist
  • Mackenzie Keller (+1 guest)
  • Patricia Shaw
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Stacy Leitner
  • Sunny Shapiro
  • Tina Lau
  • Tina Phan
  • Visia Tartaglione