Field Day

Field Day

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That's it. That's the event. 

Okay, this may need more explanation: we will be gathering at Rossi Park, outfitted in custom Field Day t-shirts. Teams will be assigned, cups will be issued. There may be a National Anthem and preliminary "race" to see who is home team. Then an intense game of slosh-kick-ball. Followed by Pop-a-Shot & a taco truck at the Morris residence.

Hosted by The Morris, Johnsons and Breitenbachs

Saturday, May 7, 2022
Rossi Park


  • Connie Foppiano (+1 guest)
  • Courtney Croll (+1 guest)
  • Christian Cebrian (+1 guest)
  • Danielle Corona (+1 guest)
  • Glenn Matsuhara
  • Jennifer Larson Hall (+1 guest)
  • Kathleen von Treskow
  • Megan Lennon (+1 guest)
  • Michael Pellegrini
  • Michele Lee Wickersham
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Regina Gould (+1 guest)
  • Regina Growney (+1 guest)
  • Sean O’Neill (+1 guest)
  • Katherine Eschelbach
  • Keith McDonald (+1 guest)